Ogilvy & Mather London Makes a ‘Big Deal’ of Pizza Hut Delivery

Ogilvy & Mather London unveiled a new integrated campaign for the January ‘Big Deal’ from Pizza Hut Delivery, the second major campaign following the hugely successful ‘Classic Crust’ campaign for Pizza Hut Delivery last year.

Aimed at tempting take-away consumers to sample the new Pizza Hut Delivery January offer, the campaign breaks on national radio networks this week, with 10” TV spots breaking 14th January and further exclusive proactive and reactive content across social media channels.

The humorous films feature a number of weird and wonderful characters, including a magnetic man, invisible woman, lady struck by lightning and a dummy without his ventriloquist – each of them showing that the things in life they thought were a big deal, aren’t so big when compared to ‘The Big Deal’ offer from Pizza Hut Delivery.

Continuing in the same vein in one radio spot, a wife announces she is leaving her husband for her father-in-law. Her husband’s deadpan reaction being simply to “…pass the wedges”. Another sees a friend confess to framing his pal for a recent jewellery heist, to which he responds “…pass the garlic bread”, dramatizing that ‘Pizza Hut’s Big Deal’ is such a big deal, nothing else seems a big deal.

Adrienne Berkes, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut Delivery, said: “We are very excited to be starting the year with our new and engaging ‘The Big Deal’ campaign. We want our customers to know that we are committed to offering unbeatable delivery pizza deals, which this campaign does perfectly.”

Sam Cartmell, Creative Partner at Ogilvy & Mather London, commented: “Once again Pizza Hut is doing its bit for the nation’s hungry pizza lovers by delivering not just great value but a unique sense of fun.”


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