Oscar Mayer Team with Mcgarrybowen to Launch a Bacon-Based Cryptocurrency

After 100 years of making bacon, Oscar Mayer is paving the way in the burgeoning cryptocurrency landscape by introducing Bacoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency backed by the gold standard of Oscar Mayer Bacon, a campaign done with Mcgarrybowen.

Starting April 30, Oscar Mayer is giving away a limited amount of Bacoin that fans can mine, track the value of and cash out for real packs of Oscar Mayer Bacon at OscarMayerBacoin.com.

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the value of Bacoin can be volatile. However, Bacoin stands out by the fact that Bacon lovers can boost value by spreading the news via Twitter and email on the website. The more they share, the greater Bacoin is worth. When ready, Bacoin owners can select the best time to cash out and receive real packs of Oscar Mayer Bacon.

For more details on how Bacoin works, the brand introduced a spokesperson, Keith Sizzle, who calls himself a digital prophet and talks about “insanely good bacon” in his yellow hipster specs.

Source: The Drum

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