Pearlfisher Brands Allergy-Free Food Brand Ilumi

ilumi-line-up-_660Pearlfisher has created the identity for allergy-free food brand ilumi, which aims to challenge perceptions of the category as niche or less enjoyable.

Pearlfisher creative director Sarah Cattle says the new identity uses ‘a vibrant colour palette that celebrates the tasty variety of dishes, in conjunction with a bold graphic precision that reflects the exact consideration given to every single ingredient that goes into the food.’

The consultancy has also created a system of icons that can used across the branding, while food photography also features.

Cattle says, ‘It’s not just about designing a piece of packaging, it’s about bringing to life a forward-thinking, food-focused approach in a world where the food itself often seems sidelined.’

The ilumi range is being introduced by gourmet food producer Tanfield and comprises a range of nut, milk and gluten-free meals.

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