Pepsi Adds Bold Flavour To Its Beverage Portfolio With Pepsi Limon

216239Pepsi is bringing excitement to its cola options with the launch of Pepsi Limon, a new flavoured cola made with just the right amount of authentic lime juice. Handcrafted and inspired by the preferences of Hispanic consumers, Pepsi Limon combines the distinct flavour of Pepsi with a hint of real lime juice resulting in a great tasting cola.

Featuring real sugar, Pepsi Limon captures the tart, refreshing taste that Hispanics love to enjoy with their meals and in their beverages.

“Pepsi knows the importance of authentic flavour and delivering on its promise for great tasting products,” said Melissa Miranda, Cultural & Commercial Strategy, Pepsi. “Pepsi’s roots have long showcased the brand’s connection and affinity with Hispanic consumers and Pepsi Limon was created with those consumer preferences in mind.”

The introduction of Pepsi Limon reinforces PepsiCo’s commitment to growing its diverse beverage portfolio and providing great tasting options for Hispanic consumers.

Working closely with Adelante, PepsiCo’s employee association that fosters relationships with the Hispanic community, Pepsi identified the need for a beverage made with real lime juice to deliver for the taste palates of our Hispanic consumer.

The combination of cola and lime makes Pepsi Limon the perfect refreshing and delicious beverage choice for barbeques, gatherings, beach trips and more.

Pepsi Limon is now available in 20 oz. and 2 liter bottles in select markets in the US including: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Chicago.

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