Pernod Ricard Reveals Cryptic Design for Limited Edition Glenlivet Cipher

glenlivet_0Pernod Ricard is hoping to appeal to whisky connoisseurs with a limited edition luxury drink under its Glenlivet range, which comes with specially designed packaging to test drinker’s palettes.

The packaging for the Glenlivet Cipher, the second in a series of limited editions, was designed by NB Studio, and comprises an opaque black bottle, with no tasting notes, cask information or age statement, and no obvious clues are given as to the colour, aroma or flavour of the product.

The design is inspired by enigma methods used in the past to send secret messages. To create a contemporary finish the packaging is made from black and silver foiling on black paper and a matt black bottle. Tasting notes are hidden within the design on the box and the label, some correct and some red herrings.

A digital campaign supports the product, which invites the drinker to decode the aroma and taste – with the aim of unveiling the secret tasting notes.

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