PizzaExpress launches new meal deal with design by Brandon

This week, PizzaExpress expands its grocery range through a new meal deal with Tesco, with design by Brandon

PizzaExpress wanted to provide consumers the option of enjoying some of their favourite restaurant dishes at home. Through this new meal deal, the brand grows into new retail categories and allows consumers to recreate its beloved restaurant experience at home.

Brandon’s Creative Partner, Abi Taylor, explains the brand’s thinking:

“With so many treats off the menu during the pandemic, more than ever, consumers are seeking new and/or loved taste experiences. And with many living a debit/credit lifestyle, they have the innate desire to treat and self-reward. This new range from PizzaExpress plays into the idea of getting together with a loved one and treating yourself – sin and be proud!”

As this was a new Meal Deal, PizzaExpress wanted to own its part of the aisle in store, clearly signalling something different and standing out on shelf. Therefore, it was important to build on the brand that consumers already know and love. 

Taylor continues:

“PizzaExpress is a hugely established brand, and so the key thing was to really understand its visual brand identity system and then apply it in a meaningful and impactful way in food retail. Grocery is a very different space to hospitality where consumers are in a different mindset, needspace and physical space. Our role is to recognise that and then use graphic elements, typefaces, etc. to bring the brand to life in an identifiable, cohesive and impactful way that’s relevant to the consumers, brand, category and business.”

Having explored design codes across each new category, the agency landed on a design that works across them all, but is iconically PizzaExpress. Brandon widened the brand’s ‘great pizza, good times’ roundel to encompass ‘great meals, good times’, providing a level of permissible indulgence, and celebrating the restaurant experience that can be shared with friends and family at home. Additionally, the agency worked with a natural but rich and indulgent colour palette to reinforce its status as an everyday treat.

The new PizzaExpress Meal Deal range has allowed the brand to capture consumers’ imaginations in-store and to bring its restaurants’ promise of ‘good meals, good times’ to UK homes. 

Head of Retail, Richard Mills, says:

“Brandon has done a fantastic job of giving customers the opportunity to enjoy the full ‘dine out’ experience at home and in keeping the brand front of mind and relevant to consumers. The whole range sits together perfectly to bring a level of theatre in-store, which both PizzaExpress and Tesco are really excited about. We can’t wait to see how consumers buy into it.”

Source: Brandon

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