Poliakov Becomes the First Vodka to Go in Space with “K Degree” Experiment

Poliakov, the world’s most Extreme Vodka, has launched a one-of-a-kind experiment in a quest to reach the ultimate level of cold: the K Degree, the most freezing temperature one may find in the universe, at -273°C.

829481_ABRIBUS_DEGRE-K_Mission.inddThe “K Degree” operation was set in motion with a bottle of Poliakov being sent into the stratosphere, to an altitude of over 20 miles: a worldwide premiere for Vodka!

The trip was recorded using an onboard camera, providing stunning images for the brand’s fans and enabling the “K Degree” concept to successfully combine reality and digital technology.

One small step for man, but one giant leap for Vodka!

The Poliakov brand’s 180,000 Facebook fans will be able to follow the bottle’s adventures as it continues its journey to the stars, navigating between the planets and other heavenly bodies that fill the galaxy, in a series of eight exclusive videos, a cosmic mini-game and dedicated posts.

The “K Degree” operation will be broadcasted throughout 2014 on YouTube and Facebook.

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