Pop-Tarts Pops The Vote On 2016 Election Season

Pop-Tarts Pop the Vote Spoon University InfographicPop-Tarts knows that the 2016 election will spotlight the issues that matter most, so they teamed up with tastemakers at Spoon University to uncover trends across the nation. From flavour favourites to the debate to toast or not, teens and young adults are ready to Pop the Vote.

Pop-Tarts has long been tempting fans’ taste buds with more than 22 varieties to choose from. Most people know Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon won’t let them down, but what about all the other mouthwatering options available – like the classic Chocolate Chip combination, to gooey Cinnamon Roll, and even sweet and tangy Frosted Watermelon. Which flavour will you venture to try next?

“We know that everyone has a go-to Pop-Tarts flavour – some may be Confetti Cupcake fanatics while others are trying  to convince their friends to give the new Chocolatey Caramel a shot,” said Aleta Chase, director of marketing for Pop-Tarts. “We were curious to see how much fans know about the variety of our flavors available in the midst of election season.”

Check out additional findings from the Pop-Tarts and Spoon University survey:

  • Young adults may not agree on the best social media platform (Insta is the favourite!), but all Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat lovers tap “like” on Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon over any other flavour
  • While the majority of ladies on college campuses vote hands down that Frosted S’mores is the leading Pop-Tarts flavour candidate, it’s the sweetly satisfying Frosted Strawberry that has the fellas’ vote
  • Music taste plays a key indicator in snacking preferences – country and EDM concert-goers find common ground in favouring Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon
  • Hot Fudge Sundae ranks fourth among pop, EDM, hip-hop AND rock music-lovers

Follow the #PoptheVote2016 conversation and head to PoptheVote2016.com to make sure your favourite flavour is elected Pop-Tarts President.

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