Premier Foods Team with Paul Hollywood to Launch Home Baking Range

paul_hollywood_2Premier Foods has partnered with one of the most famous faces in baking after agreeing terms with The Great British Bake Off judge, Paul Hollywood, to create a range of home baking mixes.

The line will include mixes for a plait loaf, Belgian chocolate brownies, cheese and rosemary scones, coconut and raisin flapjacks and a tomato and thyme bloomer.

Coley Porter Bell created the design for the branding of the products which are centred on the theme of ‘Accessible Artisan’ and utilise Hollywood’s reputation as the mouthpiece of baking.

Coley Porter Bell’s executive creative director Stephen Bell said the design was “based on the concept of ‘the perfect mix’… that is great ingredients blended with Paul’s know how and flair. We chose a stonewashed blue as the overarching brand colour to create shelf presence and because it is a colour synonymous with Paul, complemented with a secondary palette of chalky natural shades that feel fresh and different in the category.”

The range is attempting to create accessible way to create artisan home baking with step-by-step instructions and tips from Hollywood to provide the tools needed for a perfect bake.

The line is due to launch in early 2016.


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