Prosciutto di San Daniele Launches Global Digital Platform ‘Chef Talks’ Featuring UK’s Top Culinary Experts

As part of its ongoing global digital strategy and presence, traditional Prosciutto brand, Prosciutto di San Daniele, launched its ‘Chefs Talks’ social platform – an exciting series of up close and personal short interviews with some of the UK’s top chefs, who all have an affiliation with North-Eastern Italy where the unique prosciutto is produced.

Prosciutto di San Daniele is the pride of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, and is well known all over the world by gourmet enthusiasts who appreciate its sweet and refined taste. The aim of the 12 month content programme, created by creative agency The Bank, is to bring to life just how unique and special the region is in terms of its gastronomy, culture, history and values to foodies across the UK through engaging content. The series of exclusive interviews, photos and recipes will be available on San Daniele’s UK Facebook page, and will soon be expanded across Australia, USA and Canada.

The first chef to be featured in the Chef Talks series is Angela Hartnett MBE – who’s also taking a lead role in this year’s Standard Food Festival taking place in London, across the whole of June. One of the UK’s most loved chefs and restauranteurs, Angela is known for her sophisticated yet simple, Italy-inspired cooking. Born in Britain, her passion for good, honest food and the best ingredients was instilled in her by her Italian grandmother and mother.

Angela Hartnett, comments: “Anyone who has visited the region of San Daniele del Friuli will be well aware of the secrets that bind this area to prosciutto. This is something that we wanted to convey to food lovers worldwide – a taste not just of the characteristic flavour, but of the beauty and history of the region – something that we are very proud of.”

Other exclusive partnerships to be featured on Chef Talks throughout the coming months include acclaimed chefs Heinz Beck, Andrea Mantovani, Emanuele Scarello and Ben Mulock.

Matthew Cowley, CEO at The Bank London, added: “Engaging videos and unique content that really resonate with the target audience are a fantastic way for brands to develop long-lasting relationships with customers. The platform we have created for San Daniele allows the brand to engage on a personal level with customers, food lovers and ambassadors across the world as San Daniele itself grows globally. We are particularly excited about the launch of this project as we have worked closely with San Daniele on its digital strategy for 3 years, we feel like part of the family and are passionate about all that the brand stands for!”

Mario Cichetti, CEO at San Daniele Consortium, comments: “Food lovers across the world love to know the story behind the produce they eat and to feel a real connection.

“The Bank understood that we want to demonstrate the passion and attention that goes into each and every part of Prosciutto di San Daniele’s process and how proud we are of our heritage and so came up with the idea of the digital platform. We are so pleased with the partnerships and content that has been created and what a better way to demonstrate the region’s culture than through a group of exceptional chefs with a passion for Italy.”

Source: The Bank

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