Quaker Oats Survey Finds There Is No Universal “Perfect” For Today’s Mom

THE QUAKER OATS COMPANY LOGOWhat is the definition of a perfect mom? According to a survey by The Quaker Oats Company, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, more than 90 percent of moms say there is not one definition of the perfect mom or that it means different things to different moms.

Whether it’s balancing work and family life or deciding what to serve during mealtime, today’s mom creates her own kind of “perfect.” And now Quaker is providing a new option to help her customize the perfect breakfast for everyone in the family.

Quaker Oats introduces Perfect Portions, a multiserve instant oatmeal without added sugar that comes in a convenient, re-sealable package.

Just select the serving size you want, add your favorite sweetener and prepare in minutes using water or milk for a delicious and satisfying breakfast powered by whole grain Quaker Oats.

“More than half of moms say they have made multiple dishes during a meal in order to satisfy each family member’s taste preferences,” said Andrew Sutherland, Senior Director of Marketing for Quaker Oats.

“Quaker Perfect Portions allows parents to easily tailor different oatmeal options for their families while knowing they are getting healthy fuel for energy to take on their everyday adventures.”

To help spread the word about the new oatmeal, Quaker partnered with a mom who has been creating her own kind of “perfect” for more than eight years – The New York Times best-selling author and owner of scarymommy.com, Jill Smokler.

THE QUAKER OATS COMPANY PERFECT PORTIONSJill is a mother of three whose honest (and humorous) views on parenting celebrate the fact that every mom raises her kids and manages her family differently.

Jill can relate to the 77 percent of moms who have felt pressure to be the “perfect” mom, and she says that breakfast time can be a particularly stressful part of the day.

“As wonderful as my children are, they’re very picky eaters and can never agree on what to eat, which causes me to dread sitting down for meals,” said Smokler.

“Quaker Perfect Portions is a solution for my breakfast woes – I can make the perfect amount for each of them and the kids can have fun by adding their own toppings. And, for a few precious moments, I get some peace and quiet. It’s a win-win!”

Quaker Perfect Portions comes in two delicious flavors, both with no sugar added: Cinnamon and Maple. Both flavors are heart-healthy options, with two grams of soluble fiber per 45 gram serving, and are a good source of fiber (per 45 gram serving).

Plus there are endless options for ingredients that can be added to Quaker Perfect Portions to make a “perfect” bowl of oatmeal, no matter who is at the table.

Think simple or outside the box with culinary-inspired creations like fresh peaches, chopped pecans and orange blossom honey in the Cinnamon oatmeal; or sharp cheddar cheese, bacon crumbles and brown sugar in the Maple oatmeal.

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