Raison Pure Paris Gives Heineken Can A Cold Surprise In France

COM VISUAL 1French agency Raison Pure Paris has created a limited edition beer can for beer giants Heineken. The innovative design uses cold-activated ink to present consumers with a fun surprise when they chill their beer.

The agency said,” The creative team imagined to icebound the red star, the iconic element of Heineken, to showcase this innovative technique.”

Part of the graphic design on the “Cool Can Edition” has been rendered in the cold-activated ink, which only becomes visible when the can is exposed to a low temperature of 0ºC, indicating that the beer is suitably cold enough to be enjoyed.

Raison Pure have had a 15 year working relationship with Heineken in the French and Dutch markets. Their previous projects for the beer company include the Music and the RWC limited edition cans.

The new design launched in June and is available in France for a limited period of time.


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