Royal Salute and Boundless Brand Design collaborate on a bold new Special Edition look for the iconic Scotch Whisky’s 21YO Signature blend, in celebration of Lunar New Year.

Working in partnership with renowned illustrator Trajan Jia, Boundless Brand Design were asked to design a Limited-Edition proposition to hail the Lunar New Year using the brand’s eminent Signature 21-Year-Old Blend.

Further building on the existing portfolio of illustrious Whiskies, Boundless Brand Design has helped Royal Salute celebrate this year’s iconic Lunar New Year with a new Limited-Edition design, created as the ultimate gift for this year’s festivities. With gifting the pinnacle of celebration during Lunar New Year and a foundational pillar in Royal Salute’s history, Boundless needed to create a proposition so exceptional it surpassed even the classic opulence of the brand’s iconic 21YO Signature Blend.  

Distinctive and quintessentially Royal Salute, this latest interpretation of Boundless Brand Design’s design concept “Ignite the New Year” sees the Limited Edition depict a majestic journey from the home of Royal Salute at the Tower of London, to the celebratory occasion in the East, as meandering lanterns are sent into the sky, lighting up the world.

The use of bold colour ensures the design feels mesmerising and celebratory, paying homage to Chinese custom as well as ensuring distinction and standout on shelf. 

Hamish Shand, Founder and Creative Director Says: ‘This striking pack perfectly blends the vibrant and celebratory symbols of this convivial occasion with the enchantment and wonder of Royal Salute. The bold depiction of elements bursting out from behind Royal Salute’s iconic double diamond creates a jubilant festive atmosphere. Brimming with prosperity and opulence, this luxuriously modern tribute honours a historic celebration, and is the ultimate gift for the occasion’.

Source: Boundless Brand Design

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