Saka Mineral Water Launches ‘Busy Summer’ Marketing Push

Saka-Ulker-logo-tagline#6A7In a bid to raise brand awareness and drive consumer demand, Saka water has launched a nationwide campaign in the UK, which sees 1200 buses branded with Saka’s new design.

These buses are based in the densely populated cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Leeds. Saka will also be splashed across billboards in prominent London locations, creating a huge impact in high traffic areas.

With eye-catching advertisement screens, greeting customers at Asda store entrances, Saka is making a final push to influence consumers and boost sales.

Delivering Saka to you will be a fleet of Saka branded lorries, travelling the length and breadth of the country.

Stock up today to reap the benefits of Saka’s biggest campaign to date.

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