Santa Maria Launches First Pulled Pork & Pulled Chicken Meal Kits

Santa-Maria-Pulled-Chicken-kitExperts in world foods, Santa Maria, is launching quick and easy Pulled Pork and Pulled Chicken dinner kits into Morrisons from late November with an RRP of £3.99. The kits are a first to market and slash pulled meat home cooking times to just 90 minutes or less compared with a typical four hour slow-roast.

Santa Maria Pulled Pork Dinner Kits and Santa Maria Pulled Chicken Dinner Kits combined with every-day items including chicken or pork and red onions. Each kit enables consumers to recreate the street food favourite at home with easy to follow instructions, ensuring tender and flavoursome meat every time. No overnight marinating is required and just five minutes of preparation time is needed.

Both kits contain a sachet of smoky and spicy meat seasoning mix, an ovenproof cook bag for the infusion of flavours, a sachet of barbecue sauce, a sachet of red onion seasoning and a pack of eight mini flour tortillas for an authentic street food market experience.

Santa-Maria-Pulled-Pork-kitBhavika Thakrar, UK Marketing Manager, Santa Maria comments: “The UK has gone wild for the American style of barbecuing meat and slow cooking for an intensely smoky flavour. Kits have been consistently popular within the Mexican category and consumers continue to look to Santa Maria for exciting and convenient meal solutions, which guarantee results. With these Pulled Pork/Chicken Dinner Kits, the Santa Maria Taste Developers, our global flavour explorers, have unlocked a great meal with a tender texture and smoky taste without the fuss.”

The launch will be supported by in-store, POS, digital, social media and PR activity.

Discovery Foods rebranded under the name of Santa Maria in 2014. It is owned by Finnish parent company, the Paulig Group, which is a long-term a market leader in the Nordic region and active in over 22 markets across Europe.

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