Santa Maria Secures New Listings In Sainsbury’s & Morrisons

Santa-Maria_CollectionWorld seasoning experts Santa Maria has secured two new listings for their herbs and spices range in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, further to its Tesco relaunch in May 2015.

From November, Morrisons will stock eight grinders from Santa Maria’s Extra Fine Selection: Five Peppers, Pure Garlic Seasoning, Tellicherry Black Pepper, Rock Salt, Seafood & Fish Seasoning, Chicken & Steak Seasoning, BBQ & Grill Mesquite, Chilli Explosion.

In the blends range, American Cajun, Ethiopian Berbere, Indian Garam Masala, Jamaican Jerk, Japanese Wasabi & Sesame, Peruvian Chilli & Lime, Moroccan Ras El Hanout and Japenese Teriyaki will go on shelf.

Sainsbury’s stores will add Extra Fine Selection Rock Salt, Extra Fine Selection Tellicherry Black Pepper and Extra Fine Selection Chilli Explosion grinders; American Cajun and Moroccan Ras El Hanout blends will enter the existing Santa Maria world spice range in-store. The Extra Fine Selection grinders offer freshly ground spices with a handy measuring cap and capture the flavours of international cuisine from East to West.

“Consumers look to Santa Maria’s Herbs and Spices range as a more exciting approach to seasoning and flavouring foods. As taste palates are becoming increasingly adventurous, there is a growing demand for world flavours,” said Bhavika Thakrar, UK Marketing Manager, Santa Maria

Santa Maria’s team of taste developers are the skills and expertise behind the product range. Rolling out from early November, the launch will be supported by instore, digital and PR activity.

Discovery Foods rebranded under the name of Santa Maria in 2014. It is owned by Finnish parent company, the Paulig Group, which is a long-term a market leader in the Nordic region and active in over 22 markets across Europe.

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