Smint Is Fresh To Impress On National Kissing Day

Smint Air KisserNew research, commissioned by the UK’s leading sugar-free mint brand Smint has revealed the top five things required when in a business meeting or job interview.

The research, in association with National Kissing Day, surveying 2,000 adults in the UK, highlights the importance of good hygiene and maintaining freshness throughout the day, with 65% admitting to being most conscious of their breath first thing in the morning, and a fifth saying fresh breath is a concern after eating a meal.

Two thirds of young professionals say that maintaining eye contact and a firm handshake are most essential when trying to make a good first impression. With over half of those questioned revealing fresh breath is absolutely essential for any business environment.

47% of adults revealed that having bad breath would have an impact on their confidence at work, whilst a small handful admitted they would avoid greeting colleagues with an air kiss because of concerns over the freshness of their breath. Meanwhile, nearly half believe that appearance is crucial and say they always dress to impress, rating ‘smelling fresh’ high on their check list.

Smint-Pack-Winners-Comp-v2Smint launches the activity alongside an outdoor digital campaign and sampling initiative that includes broadcast channels, aligning the brand creative with National Kissing Day in a number of key London locations that include Paddington, Canary Wharf, Camden, Kensington and Lambeth.

Smint product manager Shankar Iyer says: “The way people shop has changed dramatically in recent times and understanding shopper missions and what drives purchases is critical. Retailers will be all too familiar with customers popping in to grab a last minute breath freshener before that important meeting. Activity like this helps to raise consumer awareness, increase visibility and helps to bring new consumers into the market.”

Iyer continues, “Our research enforces how crucial hygiene is, especially in a business environment, being ‘fresh to impress’ gives you the confidence to do well and succeed in any professional situation. In order to further cement Smint’s number one position , we are embarking on a number of high profile digital and sampling campaigns throughout 2015 to boost awareness and extend our customer base.”

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