Smithfield Launches Tech-Enabled “Hambulance” to Rescue Thanksgiving Turkey Tragedies

Worried the Thanksgiving turkey meant to feed your entire family will end up overcooked, underdone or the casualty of your spouse’s first attempt at using a deep fryer? Just say the word, and help is on the way!

Smithfield, the purveyor of high quality pork products, is launching a rescue effort to ensure ham is on hand for every special occasion. The company is working with agency Doner to introduce “The Hambulance,” a tech-enabled emergency delivery system that can be activated via Amazon Echo to respond to Thanksgiving turkey catastrophes. Those in distress can trigger the Smithfield first responders into motion to deliver a perfect, fully-cooked ham to their homes.

hambulance2While turkey typically owns the Thanksgiving occasion, many people don’t realize that in thousands of homes ham is a popular secondary dish.

“We’re exploring all the ways we can use technology to make our products relevant at the right moments,” said Michael Merritt, Senior Director – Brand Marketing, Smithfield. “The Hambulance is the first of many tech-powered initiatives that could profoundly change the way our brand shows up for big occasions. If this proves successful, we will continue to roll it out in more markets for future holidays.”

The Hambulance is available in select delivery zones this Thanksgiving, but Smithfield is looking to expand its coverage area at future occasions. This new effort will be supported by social marketing.

hambulance1“The Hambulance represents the first time Smithfield, a CPG brand, is using Amazon Echo’s open API to tap into the growing love of AI-based technology in today’s connected homes. It promises to delight consumers with a seamless on-demand delivery experience, from voice activation to the moment a fully-baked Smithfield ham arrives at your door,” said Eric Weisberg, Global Chief Creative Officer, Doner.

“Technologies like Amazon Echo are changing the way people connect with the brands they love, and we are thrilled to be using Alexa to help rescue kitchen mishaps and make Smithfield a hero this Thanksgiving.”

Source: Doner

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