SodaStream Fizzes Up The “Big Game” Advertising Scene

SodaStream International, Ltd. the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of home carbonation beverage systems, announced today that a revised version of the TV spot ‘SodaStream Effect’ will be presented to more than 100 million viewers of football’s Big Game on February 3.

An entirely new spot, developed by advertising legend Alex Bogusky specifically for the Big Game, was not approved, but will air online and on other television networks.

SodaStream empowers consumers to make their own fresh soda at home in seconds, without the devastating environmental impact of plastic soda bottles and cans, which litter our parks and oceans.

“500 million bottles and cans are manufactured every day in the U.S. and less than 50% are recycled, causing untold damage to our environment,” said Daniel Birnbaum, CEO, SodaStream International.

“Our ad confronts the beverage industry and its arguably out-dated business model by showing people that there exists a smarter way to enjoy soft drinks. One day we will look back on plastic soda bottles the way we now view cigarettes; as a dangerous vice, not as an easily-accepted feature of everyday life.”

‘The SodaStream Effect’ makes this case explicit. In the spot, various consumers use SodaStream; the moment they press down on its carbonation lever, plastic soda bottles disappear from warehouses, trucks and elsewhere, to the surprise of warehouse managers and soda deliverymen.

The voiceover states that “with SodaStream, we could have saved 500 million bottles on Game Day alone.” A second spot, ‘Game Changer‘, specifically intended to air during the Big Game, takes the core concept to an even more entertaining direction.

In Game Changer, rival drivers from the two largest Big Soda brands face off in a supermarket parking lot. Preparing for delivery, they stack their soda cases one atop the other, their pace quickening, until they break into a sprint, feverishly trying to beat the other to the supermarket’s front door. In a flash, their plastic bottles disappear, thanks to SodaStream.

However, because the two Big Soda brands are clearly identified in ‘Game Changer’ the ad was rejected.

Both commercials were the result of a non-traditional collaboration between Alex Bogusky and the creative team at Pale Dot Voyage led by Creative Director David Littlejohn , and Executive Integrated Producer Chris Kyriakos of Octopus of Mind. The spots were directed by Daniel Benmayor .

“We understand that the ‘Game Changer’ ad may be uncomfortable to the Big Soda companies, but we are proud of the ad and the truth that it brings to the American consumer,” adds Ilan Nacasch, CMO, SodaStream International.

“We created a spot that is fun and entertaining, yet thought-provoking. We are sure consumers will love it, and will air it for them to see online and on other television networks.”

“SodaStream is leading a revolution in the U.S. beverage industry with a convenient, cost effective system that lets consumers enjoy fresh, fizzy soda at home in seconds”, said Gerard Meyer, President, SodaStream USA.

“Consumers are embracing SodaStream and U.S. retailers have taken notice.  We are now in more than 15,000 retail stores in the U.S. and this will continue to grow. One household at a time, SodaStream is making store-bought soda a relic of the past.”

The full version of SodaStream’s rejected Big Game commercial can be viewed here.

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