Spain’s Inedit Damm Debuts New Personal-Size Bottle To The US Market

Inedit Damm - New BottleInedit Damm, the legendary beer of Spain, which was created specifically to be paired with any dish, is bringing its new personal-size 11.2 oz. bottle to the US. Created in 2008 through collaboration between the world-renowned chef Ferran Adrià , award-winning elBulli sommeliers Ferran Centelles and David Seijas and Estrella Damm brewmasters, who believed in the need for a beer to compliment the varied flavors found in modern gastronomy.

Inedit follows Estrella Damm’s century-old tradition of brewing excellence with an eye for experimentation and adaptability.

Inedit is a truly unique beer, made with barley malt, wheat, hops, coriander, licorice and orange peel. It has a high intensity and aromatic complexity, serving up a delicate carbonation that is fruity and floral to the nose, leaving a yeasty and sweet sensation. Providing a unique personality that is both smooth and complex in taste, Inedit is best served in a white wine glass, no more than half full in order to fully appreciate its intensity and aromatic complexity.

Inedit is available in a 4-Pack throughout fine off trade retailers with a consumer price of $9.99. The 11.2 oz. bottle will also be available for on trade accounts across the US.


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