Starbucks Unveils ‘Holiday 2013’ Paper Cup Designs

StarbucksHoliday1It is known that when coffee giant Starbucks starts using red paper cups—rather than its de rigueur white paper cups—Christmas is round the corner.

For this year’s holiday season, the coffee company has unveiled new designs for its red paper cups.

Devoid of the iconic snowmen, ice skaters and other characters, the new ‘Starbucks Holiday 2013’ line was inspired by coffee and its origins, to have the cups take on a more subtle illustrated look.

“If we wanted to give an authentic piece of Starbucks for the holidays, something that we know our customers love, what would that be?” Terry Davenport, Senior Vice President of the Global Brand and Creative Studios at Starbucks, said in a statement.

“We’re all about coffee. We’re passionate about coffee. It’s very emotional to us. That’s what we bring to the world. If we were going to give a great gift, that’s the gift we would give. It would be really coffee centric and it would be part of what we live and breathe everyday.”

“What we did this year that is different is we started with the coffee plants, coffee farms, and origin countries. We see those in these are very graphic elements and then we took on the challenge of seeing if we can paint them with the red brush and then turn these images into our very own distinctive set of holiday graphics,” he added.

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