Stella Artois Celebrates 600th Anniversary with ‘Be Legacy’ Ads

Stella Artois is celebrating its 600th anniversary with a ‘Be Legacy’ 360 brand campaign.

Looking to underline the brand’s definitive moments, the ads tell the stories of Sebastian and Isabella Artois, who endured conflict, crises, and historical change.

Created by Mother, the campaign is focused around the legacy of the brand, hoping to encourage consumers to make a similar mark.

Stella1Todd Allen, Global Vice President of Stella Artois said: “You can only have a Legacy when you leave something for the next generation to enjoy.”

“But it’s not just about fame; it’s about creating something tangible that others can appreciate. Sebastian and Isabella Artois both made decisions that had a huge impact on Stella Artois’ history and success that is still being enjoyed today. Although these events took place centuries ago, their stories show a determination and ability to break through barriers that are still very relevant and inspiring for people today,” added Todd.

The brand has been traced back to the original Den Hoorn brewery in the town of Leuven, Belgium.

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