Stella Artois Cidre Launches Peach & Elderflower Variants

69822_Stella-Artois-Cidre-Peach-and-ElderflowerStella Artois Cidre announced the launch of two new variants, Stella Artois Cidre Peach and Stella Artois Cidre Elderflower, which join its product portfolio and expand the range to five different varieties.

The new flavours will launch in the on and off trade demonstrating Stella Artois Cidre’s on-going investment and continued expansion in the flourishing category. The two varieties will capitalise on current flavour trends and provide consumers with more variety of Stella Artois Cidre flavours to choose from.

Keeping in line with Stella Artois’ premium heritage and commitment to the finest ingredients, Stella Artois Cidre Elderflower and Stella Artois Cidre Peach are both crafted with handpicked fruits and are best served in a chalice over ice.

The first new variant, Stella Artois Cidre Peach, features a delightfully fruity peach taste perfectly contrasted with subtle citrus and rose floral tones, and is pleasantly light with strong fruity character throughout. It provides an appealing addition to the Stella Artois Cidre portfolio.

69815_Cidre-peach-and-elderflowerStella Artois Cidre Elderflower exudes a fresh and lively aroma complemented by crisp apple, star fruit and bergamot tones. The variant features notesof nutmeg and cloves contrasting the sweet elderflower, giving the overall flavour profile a balance of sweet and sour notes whilst retaining the overall dryness.

“Since its launch in May last year, one million people have purchased Stella Artois Cidre Raspberry and so we’re delighted to bring even more fresh flavours to the market,” said Phil Pick, Marketing Manager for Stella Artois. “Stella Artois Cidre Peach and Elderflower continue our legacy of being category innovators and offering consumers the absolute best premium flavours and taste.”

Stella Artois Cidre Peach will be sold in single 500ml bottles alongside 330ml bottles in 4 and 8 pack formats. Stella Artois Cidre Elderflower will be sold in 500ml only. The new Stella Artois Cidre variants will be available in multiple grocers, independents and wholesale convenience as well as on trade outlets in the UK.

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