Strongbow Hard Apple Cider Launches First and Bestest TV Spot

Strongbow Hard Apple Cider, the number one selling global cider brand, announced the launch of their latest campaign “Cider at Its Bestest” which includes the brand’s first ever US television spot, “Slow Motion Horse.” The campaign, set to run nationally, puts the product at its core, showcasing that Strongbow over ice is the best cider experience possible.

With over 125 years of cider-making experience, Strongbow is the authority on the proper way to make and serve hard apple cider. “We use quality ingredients and of course we would like people to enjoy Strongbow in the best way possible: poured over ice,” said Alejandra de Obeso, Brand Director Portfolio Brands, Heineken USA. “It brings out our flavor notes and offers a different kind of refreshment that sets the stage for a great time, day or night.”

HEINEKEN USA Strongbow Hard Apple CidersFrom parks and patios to deck bars and street festivals, Strongbow is also at its best when served during those occasions when you’re with friends, kicking-off your afternoon plans or strolling on the beach with your very own slow-motion horse.

The playful campaign, created by Droga5, demonstrates that apples are good, but as Strongbow cider, they’re better, and when served over ice, Strongbow is the best. “With cider brands trying to out-refresh each other, we went better than best, to bestest,” said John McKelvey, Creative Director of Droga5.

“The overall campaign explores the absurd notions of making the best even more desirable. In this case it meant enjoying a Strongbow with your horse that only runs in slow motion. That’s the bestest,” added Hannes Ciatti, Creative Director of Droga5.

“Slow Motion Horse” will begin airing on October 1, followed by an extended :60 that will air online and on social channels.  An additional :15 spot titled, “Three Sunsets,” will debut later this fall.  The new brand platform will be supported through a mix of traditional and paid media, digital, PR and experiential marketing.

HEINEKEN USA CiderIn March 2014, the brand re-launched with crisp new flavors Gold Apple and Honey & Apple. “The cider category continues to grow at a high rate and Strongbow is committed to providing new innovations,” said de Obeso. “We’re always looking for ways to satisfy on our fans’ need for variety, and that means delivering new flavors.”

Both Strongbow Gold Apple and Strongbow Honey & Apple are gluten free, 5% ABV, and contain 172 and 195 calories per 11.2 oz. bottle, respectively.

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