Subterranean Low-Alcohol Spirit Willow, Now Available Above Ground

A drinks entrepreneur who is making a speciality of turning underground public conveniences into busy neighbourhood bars has launched ‘Willow’, a low-alcohol (4.4% ABV) spirit.

Created in William Borrell’s subterranean neighbourhood bar, the ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ bar in Kentish Town, north London, the spirit’s name is a clever combination of his first name and ‘low’.

William Borrell said: “There’s obviously a boom in no/low alcohol spirits. I don’t have much time for most of the former, as I think the notion of no-alcohol ‘spirits’ is a con – especially as the prices are outrageous and the production methods opaque. To be frank, I’d rather just buy a decent soft drink. However, there’s clearly a role for low-alcohol spirits – and Willow’s designed for those wanting all the cues of alcohol with a depth of taste.”

Willow’s ingredients are a combination of a Calvados base, complemented with a bold blend of pineapple, star anise, cherry tomato, kaffir lime leaves and agave syrup.

This blend results in a clear, yet viscous, liquid that’s a perfect option of those looking for a lower ABV spirit, but one with sufficient character and ‘bite’. The aromas of green apples and citrus dominate, with hints of tomato and flora. It can be enjoyed neat over ice, or simply with tonic and a slice of fruit. 

Borrell described the latter’s taste as being “Like a Gin & Tonic meeting an Aperol spritz, paired with the love child of a Negroni”. 

Borrell, who is also the founder of Polish craft vodka, Vestal, has just opened his latest below-ground bar (‘L&G Camden’) opposite Camden Road railway station in the north-west of the capital.

Source: Ladies & Gentlemen

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