Sydney Launches #SydneyDoesntSuck Online Video by Paper Moose Against Plastic Straws

The new Sydney Doesn’t Suck campaign, aimed at getting rid of single-use plastic straws across bars in the city, has launched with a humorous online video from creative agency Paper Moose.

The campaign has been driven by Jess Miller, the deputy lord mayor of Sydney and deputy chair of the environmental committee, to highlight the Sydney venues, small and large, that have committed to outlawing them. With Australians using 10 million straws each day, the campaign encourages other venues to join them for the benefit of the planet.

Paper Moose was appointed directly by Miller to develop a creative piece to coincide with ABC show War on Waste’s second season and to outline the city’s commitment to reducing plastic waste.

The light-hearted advertisement sees a man ordering a drink in a lively, packed bar. When his cocktail arrives, he asks the bartender for a straw, causing everyone else in the pub to stop and stare at him until he declares: “Actually, I don’t need a straw.”

The film features Australian musician Joyride as a bartender and includes cameos from some of the industry’s biggest players who have also committed to ban straws in their venues, as bar patrons, including Paddy Coughlan & Beck from The Lord Gladstone, Luke Ashton from This Must Be The Place and Karl Schlothauer from Independent Bars Association. Jess Miller also has a cameo in the ad, appearing towards the end dressed in a seal costume.

Nick Hunter, creative director, Paper Moose said: “When Jess approached us it was a no-brainer to throw our collective of artists together. Everyone here is passionate about the way we treat our planet, which made it a really enjoyable project to be a part of. As this is a behaviour change campaign we decided to use the mechanic of showing how unacceptable it is to use single use plastic straws when you order a drink, and encourage people and bar owners to think again about asking for them.”

Miller added: “Every piece of plastic that was ever created, still exists. When it comes to straws, Australians use around 3.6 billion of these little turtle-choking-seal-killers each year. #SydneyDoesntSuck is an umbrella campaign to draw attention to the great work that Sydney’s best bars, hospitality and entertainment venues are doing to limit their use of single-use plastic straws only to people that really need them. #SydneyDoesntSuck helps punters who want to find venues who are dealing with Australia’s daily 10 million straw habit, find them by searching the hashtag and supports venues looking to supply better alternatives and limit their use only to people who really need them.”

Paper Moose was also behind the successful Don’t Be A Tosser littering campaign from NSW Environment Protection Authority. The campaign had a 92% strong approval among NSW residents and firmly established Paper Moose’s credentials on environmental messaging.

The ads are due to appear across social media, seeded out through the various pages and accounts of participating venues. A social media search for #SydneyDoesntSuck will allow punters to discover which venues are actively supporting the campaign.

Source: Campaign Brief

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