Storm Brand Design Help Symingtons Re-energise Their Mug Shot Range

Mugshots_01_RGBSymingtons have engaged with Storm Brand Design to redesign their Mug Shot brand. Having grown steadily over the years with limited ATL marketing investment the brand gained a loyal customer base through its appeal as a quick, convenient, healthy hot snack. However the brand strategy was to drive penetration beyond this existing audience.

Storm’s Strategic Director Paul Stallard said “Research respondents had told us that they used hot snacks as ‘fuel’ to keep their energy levels up throughout the day and appreciated Mug Shot as a low fat, full of flavour, guilt free means of fuelling themselves for their busy lives. However, the category currently felt tired and lacking in energy and youthfulness. Potential users liked the product but felt the identity could be enhanced.”

Mugshots_03_RGBMike Benton Marketing Controller at Symingtons commented, “Our brief was to strengthen the brand identity and create a stand out brand which users engaged with emotionally. It was also important to bring colour and vibrancy to the range and the category, other snacking areas such as crisps or confectionery are an exuberant riot of colourful flavours.”

The new design celebrates ‘mugeliciousness’. There is something wholesome and pleasurable about sipping a drink or eating a snack from a big red mug and this was brought to the heart of the brand creating a strong brand icon to aid recognition and connection. Storm introduced a contemporary colour palette across the range which works in conjunction with ingredient photography to bring flavour to the fore. The back of pack has also been utilised to introduce a warm and witty tone to the brand via characterful flavour descriptions.

The brand identity has been applied across all the brand touch points including packaging and website and is currently rolling out across selected UK supermarkets.


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