Taco Bell Goes XXL with Deutsch LA


In Deutsch LA‘s new ad for Taco Bell, you soon realize that the aptly named XXL Steak Nachos are a little daunting for the average-sized human. So perhaps you should try being NBA star Kevin Love.

“Kevin Love’s XXL Life” features Minnesota Timberwolves basketball star (and first-time All Star) Kevin as he goes through his every day life—one in which he just happens to be bigger than everyone else around him. It’s part of our tradition of connecting to people in ways they understand. So we see giant-sized Kevin helping someone reach a book or fighting with an extra-large snowball.

The ad was shot in Minnesota, using Midwestern talent, and the snowball scene was actually about -60 below with wind chill. Kevin had to leave for two hours during the shoot for basketball practice.

The spot was directed by Brian Billow, who recently relaunched the Kool-Aid man but is perhaps best known for his short film re-imagining the origins of the KISS ballad “Beth.”

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