Tate & Lyle Launches New Premium Brown and Golden Sugar Range

Tate & Lyle, has unveiled a brand-new range of premium brown and golden sugars called ‘Taste for Adventure’.

Launching in June 2017, the range has been inspired by flavours from around the world and is Fairtrade ethically sourced pure cane sugar.

The ‘Taste for Adventure’ range is aimed at consumers who pride themselves in being adventurous in the kitchen, whether they choose to explore the sumptuous world of soufflés or the more-ish land of meringues. The range includes a mix of five premium and organic brown and golden sugar products:

  • Dark Soft Brown
  • Organic Dark Soft Brown
  • Golden Caster
  • Organic Golden Caster
  • Demerara

The stylish packaging includes descriptors for each sugar, illustrations that take inspiration from around the world and visual cues to help consumers pick the right product for the relevant recipe.

The resealable pouches ensure that the freshness and flavour remains locked in for a truly rich aroma, delicate notes or superior crunch, and are guaranteed to stand out on the shelf.

Yasmin Hubani, Brand and Product Group Manager at Tate & Lyle Sugars comments: “The new premium brown and golden sugars range cements Tate & Lyle’s position as the one-stop-shop for all your sweetening needs. Our research shows that the growing ‘adventurous foodie’ consumer segment appreciates quality food and is prepared to pay a premium for brown and golden cane sugars. With its superior flavours and beautiful packaging, we are confident that ‘Taste for Adventure’ will encourage trial and creativity in the kitchen.”

Tate & Lyle’s ‘Taste for Adventure’ range will be available from selected retailers from June 2017 with an RRP of:

  • Dark Soft Brown: £1.75
  • Organic Dark Soft Brown: £2.50
  • Golden Caster: £1.75
  • Organic Golden Caster: £2.25
  • Demerara: £1.75

Source: Tate & Lyle

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