Taxi Studio ‘Mixes It Up’ For Thailand’s Moose Cider Brand

Moose_Mashup_Image_15Following Taxi Studio’s successful redesign of Moose (Thailand’s first locally produced cider brand) in 2014, Taxi embarked on a wide and varied range of creatively diverse projects with them – the most recent of these being the branding for a Moose sponsored Music & Food Fusion event in Bangkok’s city centre held over the 26th -29th of November 2015 in the heart of buzzing Bangkok.

Initially briefed to create the festival name and identity, the design agency’s role radically developed to include creation of the event itself. From helping source the artists and designing the festival layout and structures to wayfinding, teaser poster campaign and pretty much everything in-between (including guest DJ’ing at the event!). Taxi’s creative team worked in collaboration with local Thai event specialists TAB, from inception to completion.

Spencer Buck, Creative Partner & Founder at Taxi Studio explains the thinking behind the strategy: “Our job was to find a campaign idea that immediately, visually communicated the idea of fusing music and food – the challenge was that it needed to be understood by a wide and diverse multilingual audience. It also had to be campaignable and scalable. And by that I mean translate into giant 3D objects that could be made and delivered to the site and all within extremely tight timescales.”

Moose_Mashup_Bottle_ShrinkOlly Guise, Associate Creative Director at Taxi Studio (and MixMash guest DJ), explains the thinking behind the solution: “The idea of fusion provided a direct line to the MixMash festival identity. Working with photographer Jon Raine, we created a suite of images comprising musical objects and instruments fused together in quirky, witty and visually arresting ways. The objects were served up as cool, intriguing teaser posters deployed in and around Bangkok weeks ahead of the event, and larger-than-life sculptures dotted around the festival itself. To compliment the visuals, we worked with typographic experts Charles Stewart & Co to create a bespoke typeface for the Moose brand. Rockwell and Futura are the brand’s corporate fonts, so we mashed them together to create Rocktura… quite apt for a festival, we think.”

Chinun Pussarangsri, Brand Manager for Moose Cider said: “The MixMash Festival was an incredible success. Thousands of festivalgoers enjoyed a hugely successful and experimental weekend, fusing the worlds of music and food during our three-day event. Taxi Studio were instrumental in helping us deliver this – their creativity was only outmatched by their enthusiasm and passion! We’re delighted with the outcome, we’re already thinking about next year’s event.”

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