Ten Facts That You May Not Know About Foster’s

thumb.phpAs part of their 125th anniversary celebration Foster’s have published Ten facts that you may not know about them:

1. Nearly 3 million pints of Foster’s are consumed a day in the UK

2. William and Ralph spent £48,000 on their brewery with the Australian Brewers’ journal commenting that “It far excels any brewery that we have seen in Australasia

3. In 1889, Foster’s won the prize of “The Highest Award against the World” at the Melbourne Centennial Exhibition

4. When it was launched, the beer revolutionised the beer market in Australia, leading the media to hail it as “the beer of the future”

5. Foster’s was first sold in heavy brown bottles with a wire down cork

6. Comedian Barry Humphries made Foster’s famous in the UK – he created a cartoon strip entitled ‘The Wonderful World of Barry McKenzie ‘ and later a film entitled ‘The Adventures of Barry McKenzie ‘ in which he was constantly yearning for an ice cold Foster’s.

7. Top Aussie comic Paul Hogan appeared in Foster’s TV ads in the 1980s and Foster’s is today the leading sponsor of UK comedy with credits that include the sponsorship of the Edinburgh Comedy Awards and the British Comedy Awards.

8. Foster’s is currently sold in over 130 countries around the world

9. Since it was launched in 2011, premium bottled lager Foster’s Gold has enjoyed huge success and already worth over £37 million in annual sales.

10. In March 2013, Foster’s is set to launch Foster’s Radler, which offers Foster’s lager cut with natural, cloudy lemon juice at 2% ABV

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