Tesco reveals brand identity and packaging for new Root & Soul range

Tesco has unveiled its new plant-forward product range, Root & Soul, with brand identity and packaging created in partnership with global branding and design agency, Coley Porter Bell. The range will inspire shoppers to eat more veg-based meals that are easy to prepare and packed with tasty, high-quality ingredients.

In collaboration with Coley Porter Bell, the distinctive packaging focuses on the natural ingredients and freshness of the Root & Soul range to showcase their great taste and quality. Coley Porter Bell devised the brand strategy for the new range, set to shift plant-based eating standards from bland to bold. The agency also worked with Tesco on in-store comms.

Root & Soul is a celebration of the craft, passion and creativity that comes together to transform humble produce into flavoursome dishes. Its meat-free meals are made with plant-based ingredients including pulses, grains and vegetables to support customers wanting to reduce their meat intake without compromising on taste or indulgence. These exciting dishes push vegetarian meals from side-of-plate to centre stage by offering customers fresh, delicious and convenient meal choices. The range will feature 12 new products, available nationwide, exclusively at Tesco.

The Root & Soul name duality embodies the two aspects that make this range special: quality ingredients rooted in nature, freshly picked and expertly prepared with flair, passion and soul into each dish, as well as leaving customers happy and fulfilled. Bespoke botanical illustrations work alongside a textured background canvas to convey the authenticity of the natural produce ingredients included in each dish, letting themshine at the centre of the pack. 

Caroline Kelly, Head of Design at Tesco, said: “We are thrilled to build on the growing naturally plant-based trend with Root & Soul to expand into a distinctive new space and further solidify our position in this space. We have worked closely with Coley Porter Bell to create a brand identity and design that showcases vegetables, pulses, grains, and nuts as the heroes of the range and offer our customers – be they vegetarians, flexitarians or meat reducers – exciting, tasty options for them to add easily into their eating habits and lifestyles.”

Sam Stone, Creative Director at Coley Porter Bell, said: “We wanted to celebrate the humble vegetable itself through illustration and allow the product to convey the fullness of flavour. We are proud to have created a brand that is confident in displaying the authentic manner and rich expertise the growers and chefs perfectly combine to create a satisfying veggie dish.”

Source: Coley Porter Bell

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