Tetley USA Celebrates Royal Couple Visit With a Teatime Giveaway… for All

Tetley_USAThe British are coming — and Tetley USA, a subsidiary of the Tetley Group and one of Britain’s most beloved teas, is celebrating the royal couple’s visit by giving teatime to the public. While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are stateside December 7-9, only a select few in the US will be invited to dine with the royals (at a plate price of $100,000!).

If that sounds like it might be out of your price range, fear not: Tetley USA is offering US residents a way to embrace this British invasion by inviting America to join them for tea — with a free box of their British Blend.

Embrace your inner anglophile, USA-style, with a teatime selfie. Get out your best hat, dust off your white gloves, unearth your porcelain tea set…and post a photo on Tetley USA’s Facebook page during teatime from 4-5 pm (EST) during Will and Kate’s visit. The tea will be on Tetley: each fan who posts their photo during this time will receive the royal treatment with a complimentary box of Tetley’s signature British Blend tea.

You don’t have to be royalty to enjoy the essentially English taste of Tetley: British Blend is truly a tea for all.

According to Sebastian Michaelis, the Master Tea Blender whose taste buds Tetley recently insured for $1.6 million, “British Blend is a genuine English tea, with a bold flavor that is lively on the tongue.” What does Michaelis suggest for optimal tea enjoyment? “To brew up something brilliant, be sure to use fresh water, pour while still boiling into a warm pot (preferred) or mug (if you must), and,” he cautions, “for goodness sake, do not use the microwave.”

To claim their free box of Tetley’s British Blend, US residents 18 and older must post a photo of themselves enjoying teatime between 4-5pm (EST) on December 7, 8, or 9, on Tetley USA’s Facebook or Email. the photo during that same time period.

Tetley USA will send qualifying fans a coupon for a free box of Tetley Tea British Blend.

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