The Best Way To Drink Responsibly May Be Through Your Ears

Everyone knows that loud music can damage your hearing. Less known is the fact, that loud music also makes you drink more and faster.

A common rule of thumb to get the most out of your music festival experience is: Don’t drink too much. However, with the great mood and the music pumping, people often end up doing the opposite.

In a study conducted in France, loud music contributed to the pace and volume of alcohol consumed. By increasing music levels from moderate (72dB) to loud (88dB), the time it took drinkers to consume a glass of beer (250ml or 8 oz.) decreased by more than 3 minutes and the number of drinks ordered during the experiment rose from 2,6 beers to 3,4 beers.

Based on this, Tuborg decided to create Tuborg Beer Plugs to help consumers pace their drinking at the Danish Roskilde Music Festival and therefor make their festival experience even better for longer. With Tuborg Beer Plugs, the aim is to convey a serious message to festival goers about responsible drinking when they need it most.

Source: Carlsberg Group

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