The Black Farmer Lays New Egg Varieties

The Black Farmer, the premium meat provider, has expanded his range of eggs with two new varieties, White and Protein Plus Eggs.

To go alongside his Extra Rich Yolk Free Range Eggs, the White Egg variety is a nod to nostalgia, having been popular in the past. The Black Farmer is one of the first brands to make white eggs a commonplace product again. The white eggs support The Black Farmer’s drive for more sustainable farming as the hens lay more consistently than brown hens, despite feeding on less.

The premium meat brand is only one of two providers in the UK offering ultra-nutritious eggs in the Protein Plus variety. They contain high levels of organic selenium and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) Omega 3. These important minerals and nutrients are naturally fed to the hens, which are in turn absorbed and deposited into the eggs.

Selenium and DHA Omega 3 are known to help boost the immune system, including the contribution to the antioxidant activity and brain health and function, respectively. The consumption of two Protein Plus eggs every day will provide the recommended daily intake of up to 60% of Selenium and 40% of DHA Omega 3.

The products are now available on Ocado. The Protein Plus Eggs and White Eggs RRP at £2.42 and £2.29, respectively.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, aka The Black Farmer, said: “I’ve listened to my customers and the new egg varieties are in response to their desire for more choice. I am always striving to push the boundaries and reintroducing White Eggs as a staple is no exception. We’re bringing them back to be an everyday egg again, like they once were. The Protein Plus Eggs gives customers the chance to pack in more nutrients where they may struggle to in their daily diet. Choice is king.”

Source: The Black Farmer

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