The East is Red as Chinese Wine Consumers Take Word Lead

vinexpo-asiaChina has become the world’s biggest red wine consuming nation reveals new data published in the run up to the Vinexpo Asia-Pacific wine and spirits exhibition to be held in Hong Kong on May 27-29 this year.

The disclosure knocks France and Italy – previous leaders – into second and third places for the consumption of red wine

The research commissioned by Vinexpo from IWSR, reveals the strategic importance of the dynamic Chinese market to European winemakers. Over 18,000 wine buyers and importers will gather in Hong Kong in May when 1,300 exhibitors from 28 countries show a wide range of both wines and spirits.

The Vinexpo/IWSR research shows that wine drinkers in China and Hong Kong consumed 1.865 billion bottles of red wine in 2013 (155 million 9-litre cases).

This is an increase of 136% over the last five years, making…

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