The Moment Reveals Coffee vs Gangs Finale for Kenco

International content company, The Moment, has completed the third and final instalment from the first year of Kenco’s inspiring Coffee vs Gangs project.

Set in the heart of Honduras, the scheme is actively helping young people to escape the pull of dangerous gangs, and build a new life through training and development from coffee farming, to understanding the mechanics of setting up their own business.

Across 12 months, The Moment has been right in the centre of the action, following a group of diverse teenage participants on their journeys from the favelas of Honduras to Kenco’s coffee farm training facilities and beyond.

This powerful series of documentary shorts has created regular, sustained engagement and discussion throughout the year amongst Kenco’s ’empty-nester’ audiences.

Alex Moore, Creative Director at The Moment, said: “We knew that we were all embarking on a bold and ambitious project right from the start. Kenco’s plan to use their facilities and resources in Honduras to help make a genuine, positive difference to at-risk youths was a huge undertaking, yet our job at The Moment was to focus on the scheme at an almost micro level.”

“Our role was to draw out the real human stories from our participants at the centre of the project. We had to contextualise the shocking realities of life in Honduras, understand their relationships with friends and family, and allow the real-life drama of their life-changing experiences in the scheme to gradually become the focus as the impact of their achievements became more and more apparent. I’m tremendously proud of the project and of our incredible production team that have delivered these films.”

The latest and final series were released October 13 and celebrate the teenagers graduating from Kenco’s Coffee vs Gangs programme through to starting their own businesses. Kenco’s continued investment, manifested in the achievements of the participants, has demonstrated strong audience engagement rates and a gradual market share gain over its nearest competitor.

William Bennett, Brand Team at Kenco, said: “At Kenco we have always believed that making great coffee starts with caring for the people that care for the beans. As such we were looking for a way to take this concept at the heart of our brand even further. Some of the countries where we source our coffee, such as Honduras, have serious issues with gang crime. With our expertise in coffee we decided that we wanted to make a difference by launching a pilot project taking young people, venerable and at risk from gang culture, and give them an opportunity to become coffee entrepreneurs and build a life away from gangs. We knew that setting up such a ground breaking project like coffee vs gangs would be a challenge from a multitude of different perspectives and we are delighted to have managed to deliver a successful scheme.”

“The content captured has been immensely compelling and over the last year we have been incredibly proud and inspired by the participants and how they have developed. We hope all of our participants continue to progress into successful coffee entrepreneurs and build on their journeys so far. With the success of year one Kenco will soon be introducing 20 new participants to the scheme and supporting the recent graduates in setting up their new businesses.”

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