The Newmarket Gin is out of The Gate on to the Shelves

On Friday 30 September VIPs from the horse-racing world and representatives from the trade and consumer drinks industry celebrated the launch of The Newmarket Gin at the famous racing venue, The Jockey Club Rooms. The event included gin tastings and the unveiling of the perfect pour, as well as presentations by the team which created The Newmarket Gin explaining the story behind its production and why the new gin is important for the town.

The handcrafted gin has been created by award-winning artisan master distiller John Walters, to showcase the diverse range of produce available in Newmarket and to celebrate the town and its 350 years of racing tradition.

Mike Kean, Founder of The Newmarket Gin, explained why he wanted to create the gin: “I have always been a fan of gin so when the opportunity arose to create The Newmarket Gin I couldn’t say no. The team behind the gin has gone to great lengths to produce a high end hand crafted product that encompasses and embodies all that is Newmarket, in particular its racing heritage. Like horseracing in Newmarket, the gin has, and will continue, to bring together people from all over the world and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Newmarket-Gin-Bottle-Render1The Newmarket Gin combines 10 botanicals, nearly all of which are locally sourced, including wild horseradish from Six Mile Bottom, wild chives from Dullingham meadows, and orchid petals from Newmarket’s famous Devil’s Dyke.

John Walters told guests how the botanicals were brought together to create a smooth and refreshing gin, with a complex and unique flavour: “Like any good gin, we started with juniper and coriander and a nut, which is used as a processing aid to grab a broader range of flavours from the surrounding botanicals. We then foraged a number of local ingredients which culminated in a deliciously moreish drink.”

The Newmarket Gin is available from Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa, Corney and Barrow, and the National Horseracing Museum, all in Newmarket. There are 350 Anniversary Newmarket Gin bottles available, each with a RRP of £85; and a further 250 limited edition ‘Squires Reserve’ Original Newmarket Gin bottles with a RRP of £70 each. Gift boxes including the 350 Anniversary Newmarket Gin and two Darlington crystal tumblers are available for £150 each.

Source: The Newmarket Gin

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