thinkThin Crunch Bars Bare All

thinkThin-15-bar-Variety-PackthinkThin, the #1 ranked weight management bar in the natural channel (according to SPINS research), announced that its Crunch bars are getting a makeover with a revealing new design and addition of Coconut Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts to its tasty, low sugar fruit and nut family.

With sixty percent less sugar and two times more protein than other leading fruit and nut bars, thinkThin Crunch is the perfect combination of high-quality ingredients, delicious flavor and nutrition.

“What sets the thinkThin brand apart from competitors is our ingredients,” said Lizanne Falsetto, CEO and founder, thinkThin.

“Our customers live busy, vibrant lifestyles, and they need food to match. The new Coconut Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts bar delivers on our promise of providing nourishing, nutritious, great tasting food and our new Crunch packaging is a natural progression of showcasing our brand message in a clear, visually appealing way.”

Coconut, a great source of calcium and magnesium finding increasing popularity among consumers, will expand the thinkThin Crunch line outside of just fruits.

With a crisp taste of coconut, the sweetness of chocolate and the savoring flavors of nuts, thinkThin Coconut Chocolate combines the best of all flavor worlds—while still packing nutrition in every bite.

At under 200 calories and with fewer additives than competitors, the natural flavor of fruit and nut can be savored without any guilt.

thinkThin Crunch is currently available to consumers in 7 flavors including Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts, Caramel Dipped Mixed Nuts, Blueberry Mixed Nuts, Mixed Nuts, White Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts, Cherry Mixed Nuts, and Cranberry Apple Mixed Nuts.

Coconut Chocolate will launch this Spring.

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