Tiger Beer Makes Big Election Promises For Singapore’s 50th Year of Independence

To uncage the nation from the usual celebrations, Tiger Beer will be presenting a fresh take on how National Day is usually celebrated, by throwing its own epic National Day party.

Truly a party for the people, it puts the power in the hands of the people by getting Singaporeans to vote for what they want to see at their party – the wackier the better.

Conceptualised in conjunction with AOR, BBDO Singapore, the voting period starts June 22, launching with the release of a video and micro-site to encourage Singaporeans to cast their votes to see their favourite party highlights come to life, as well as offer them the intriguing possibility of contributing new suggestions.

The Largest Crows Sourced Party of SG50

Eschewing the typical SG50 festivities in favour of something fresh, unique and original, party-goers can look forward to party elements that are recognisably Singaporean and reminiscent of the annual National Day Parade, yet completely unexpected – true to Tiger Beer’s brand philosophy. Imagine a parade flypast done by aerial drones, trishaw massage chairs, beanbags for relaxation that look like giant ‘chope’ tissue packets, or even a chilli-crab fountain! The possibilities are endless.

Those above the age of 18 can cast their votes at two mobile polling stations as well as online via the microsite. Every vote counts and will directly influence what makes up the party that Tiger Beer will be throwing for Singapore. Tickets to the party cannot be purchased – only those who participate in the voting process will stand a chance to win tickets.

main-kv“We’re extremely excited to reward our long-time fans by galvanising the nation to vote for their ideal party situation in the Unofficial Official Party of SG50,” says Mr Rene de Monchy, head of marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore. “Tiger Beer is very proud of its Singapore roots and there’s no better way to celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday than by giving back to everyone, creating a party by the people, for the people – something that has never been done before.”

The brand will also be switching its classic blue and silver look to Singapore’s national colours on the livery of all cans, pints and bottles, in a limited edition release to commemorate this jubilee.

“What is a celebration without a party? And how many conversations have we all had over a beer about what the most epic party could be like? Things that would never make it past the “official” stage? Having celebrated Singapore’s cultural idiosyncrasies in a fun, irreverent way earlier this year with the launch of the ‘Unofficial Official History’ campaign, we want to continue paying tribute in the same vein, by throwing an “unofficial” SG50 party where all these ideas can finally be brought to life.”

“As a Singaporean, I’m very proud that we are working with our home brew to actively partake in the festivities in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way differentiated from the official celebrations, while respectfully being part of the overall events,” commented BBDO associate account director, Fiona Huang.

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