Together Design Brands Custom Muesli Concept Yoosli

001-Logo copyTogether Design has designed the brand identity and e-commerce site for muesli start-up The innovative new online service launches this month and enables customers to create their own muesli mix from an array of over 65 quality ingredients.

Entrepreneur founder Markus Niemeier wanted to create a new way for people to buy muesli, enabling them to choose ingredients and have packs delivered to their door. Together Design has worked with Markus for almost 18 months to create the Yoosli name, branding, tone of voice, messaging, packaging, e-commerce site, animated movie and communications.

The central concept for the design is personalisation, with emphasis on it being a joyful and creative mixing experience. Together Design created the strapline ‘Individual muesli for individual folk’ and devised a cast of eccentric characters – Louis, Cassie, Flora, Neville and Bob – each of whom represents a different personality and muesli flavour.

T 027_RT_800x1000Markus Niemeier, founder of, says: “It’s been a great experience working with the team at Together Design. They’ve thought about the brand from every angle and helped to create something that’s both humorous and practical too.”

Katja Thielen, Creative Director at Together Design says: “This is such a great idea for a business, so we were delighted to help make it happen. We were lucky to have a client who wanted to invest in the personality of the brand to get the message and spirit of the brand across.”

The e-commerce site enables customers to select from various categories of ingredients including cereals, fruit, nuts, seeds, and sweet treats.

Alternatively, a Mix Finder quiz calculates customers perfect mix depending on whether they agree with statements such as ‘Everyone should try everything once, even wasabi and cheese’, ‘I’m looking forward to a time when we eat space pills for breakfast’, or ‘Everything was so much better back in the good old days (sigh!)’.

The illustrated characters are animated in a short movie about Yoosliville where resident Bob ‘tries anything in pursuits of muesli-based thrills’.

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