Together we cooked the difference – New Maggi Campaign by Publicis Dubai

With sudden lockdowns across the World, cities, restaurants and roads have emptied – but kitchens have never been fuller. In this extraordinary time, Maggi’s raison d’être ‘Cook the difference’ takes on even more meaning in the eyes and dining rooms of those confined. 

In a moving manifesto that toes the line between being inspirational and paying homage to those who cook, we see how home cooking has boomed – allowing people to escape, express and literally cook a difference.

Shot by Maggi customers themselves, the video is an authentic and incredibly relatable video with moments we can all see ourselves in. It reminds us that with cooking present, we can overcome many of the difficulties that come with this time and perhaps even emerge closer than before.

Agency : Publicis Dubai

Client : Maggi/Nestle

Executive Creative Director : Rana Najjar

Creative Director : Mohamed Bareche

Senior Copywriter : Jessica Vanderberg

Senior Arabic Copywriter : Ayman Shehade

Senior Art Director : Noor Akar

Editor : Raef Fawzy

General deputy manager : Myrna Khoury

Account manager : Hayat Tabsch

Planning director : Jala Fawaz

Brand Team :

Business Executive Officer : Jessy Abdulnour 

Senior Brand Manager : Rima Jammal 

Senior Brand Manager : Vanessa Mattar 

Regional Brand Communication and E-content Manager : Maiada El Shahawy

Brand Manager and Digital Champion : Sima Chamma

Source: Publicis Dubai

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