UK’s First Restaurant Opened to Put the Nation’s ‘Appetite for Risk’ to Test

People across the UK would change their career or jump out of a plane before considering the ‘risk’ of a long-term financial investment, according to research recently released. To put the nation’s appetite for risk to the test, Investec has done something different to reach people – it has taken over Clerkenwell’s 155 Farringdon Road to open the innovative restaurant, ‘Click and Investaurant’ – UK’s first-ever to serve up meals based on the diner’s appetite for risk.

Ahead of attending the restaurant, diners are invited to complete a survey that analyses their appetite for risk and thus determines their meal. The creative menu caters for five types of investors with different levels of risk appetite.

For the risk-adverse eaters, lunch consists of burgers and chips. Those who strive on a bit of risk however, will be served up crocodile and crispy crickets. The risk-takers who fall in between the two extremes can enjoy dishes, including squid ink cod, rabbit, and wild nettles.

For consumers looking to enjoy the Investaurant menu, there is a limited offer to visit 155 Bar & Kitchen, Clerkenwell over the next month on a Tuesday evening where diners will pay £38 per head for a two-course meal at the Investaurant.

The restaurant marks the launch of Investec’s new, innovative online service, Click & Invest, to better understand the barriers that have previously prevented people considering long-term financial solutions. In a report conducted by Investec Click & Invest, respondents revealed moving banks, public speaking and trying unknown foods were all deemed less daunting situations than investing their money.

“Risk is something that people encounter in their everyday lives in one guise or another and with Click & Investaurant we have been able to create an innovative concept for people to explore their appetite for risk while tasting some delicious dishes,” said Jane Warren, CEO of Click & Invest.

Currently, only 25 per cent of the population would consider investment if they received a sudden windfall of £10,000. Reasons for this include the chance of losing money and a lack of understanding the “jargon” involved.

Click and Investaurant has been designed with the mission to encourage Brits to reassess their perception of risk through an innovative menu selection.

Speaking at the Click & Investaurant, Head Chef, Simon Finn commented: “What I loved about this project was the opportunity to do create an interesting, different and unusual menu. When it comes to food, every day is an adventure anyway, but this really provided a challenge and the opportunity to explore how people’s personalities and character traits would affect their choice of food.”

Source: Investec

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