Velvet Ice Cream Unveils Brand-New Look

Velvet Ice Cream lovers will soon see a brand new look on their favorite ice cream. Velvet has redesigned a fresh, new appearance for its ice cream packaging, which is rolling out to grocery stores and other retail outlets this week.

bildeVelvet fans will find that the new cartons continue to feature the same great recipe and Velvety-smooth taste they’ve grown to love. And while many big ice cream manufacturers have continued to shrink package size, with an industry average of just 48-ounce cartons, Velvet’s cartons remain at a hefty 56 ounces — which is very unique in the ice cream industry.

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On each new carton, a flowing ribbon displays the product name, with a mouth-watering illustration and a clear description of each flavor perched below.

Much like the same great ice cream inside the new cartons, Velvet Ice Cream’s new package is pure, clean and classic and not at all fussy.

A refreshed block print-style image of Ye Olde Mill, where Velvet Ice Cream is produced in Utica, Ohio, is featured above the signature Velvet logo.

Ye Olde Mill hosts more than 150,000 guests each year May through October, offering free factory tours, a traditional ice cream parlor, restaurant, an ice cream and milling museum and picnic and play spaces.

“We expect our customers to smile when they see the new Velvet Ice Cream packaging,” said company President Luconda Dager. “The sleeker design still pays homage to Velvet’s farm-fresh, locally owned and produced quality, while giving a nod to our company’s rich history of nearly 100 years.” Dager added that Velvet’s commitment not to shrink their package size offers the kind of value that really resonates with their customers.

Velvet Ice Cream is located in Utica, Ohio, situated on the perfect combination of wooded countryside and rolling, pastoral farmland.

A family-owned and operated business for nearly 100 years, Joseph Dager founded Velvet Ice Cream 1914 and four generations of Dagers have since run the company.

Velvet produces more than five million gallons of ice cream every year from its headquarters on the 25-acre grounds of Ye Olde Mill.

Ye Olde Mill also houses an ice cream and milling museum, a restaurant, playground, picnic area and catch-and-release fish pond. Named by Frommer’s as one of America’s 10 Best Ice Cream Factory Tours, Velvet’s Ye Olde Mill welcomes 150,000 visitors each year for tours, tastings and events.

The annual Ice Cream Festival (May 25-27, 2013), group tour experiences and school learning field trips are among the many draws to Ye Olde Mill, which is open to the public May 1-October 31. Complete details are found at

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