Vin Vault Wines Releases First-of-Its-Kind Movie Trailer to Debut New Packaging

Vin Vault Wines has announced the launch of their 2018 marketing campaign: Guilty of Great Taste. The campaign kicked off June 1st with the release of a full-scale, movie-style trailer, featuring their new packaging and an enigmatic cast of characters.

The trailer is the first of its kind in the boxed wine category and introduces the new look for Vin Vault’s portfolio of award-winning wines with a witty and confident attitude.

“At Vin Vault Wines, we know the strength of the boxed wine category and are ready to tell the world about the amazing quality of our boxed wines,” said Stephanie Gallo, Vice President of Marketing at E. & J. Gallo Winery. “This is the first, digitally-led media campaign for Vin Vault and it will highlight our acclaimed quality and unique personality in a big way.”

Vin Vault’s movie-style trailer showcases their collection of boxed wines and an all-new, sophisticated blue and gold package design. The story is brought to life by the mysterious, fictional character, ‘Vincent Vault’ and his band of mischievous wine-thieves.

“Vin Vault embraces those who shrug societal norms and aren’t afraid to show off their great taste,” said Stephanie Gallo, “The goal of our 2018 campaign is to disrupt the category by giving boxed wine the edge and sophistication it deserves.”

Vin Vault, which is available at retailers US-wide, will feature the campaign throughout the year on their newly-updated website, social media channels and through a digital media buy on YouTube.

As with any movie trailer, ‘Guilty of Great Taste’ will appear on websites such as Fandango, Variety, Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter and IMDb.

Source: Vin Vault Wines 

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