Visitors To The Bacardí Visitor Center in Puerto Rico Can Fill Their Own Bottles

As part of its goal to provide an unforgettable experience, Casa Bacardí Visitor Center announces the launch of “Casa Bacardí Special Reserve” hand- bottled rum, a unique project that will allow guests to fill their own bottles with a new extension of Bacardí rum. This new initiative aims to invoke the use of the five senses while visiting the famed distillery.

In a bespoke space located in the Casa Bacardí Visitor Center at the world’s largest premium rum facility just outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico, there will be barrels containing the legendary rum where visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the bottling process for their own hand-filled version of Bacardí rum. This marks the first time in brand history where the public participates in the making of the final product.

11169962_888701921222406_9089648499788369179_n“This new offering positions the Casa Bacardí Visitor Center experience to a higher level. Now, consumers not only have the opportunity to enjoy the most awarded rum in the world, but they now can actively participate in the bottling process,” says William Ramos, Senior Brand Ambassador, Casa Bacardí. “Our ongoing commitment to provide the best consumer experience to local and international visitors is grounded in always innovating our offering.”

The Bacardí rum available for filling in the bottles is the Casa Bacardí Special Reserve, created by Jose Gomez, the Bacardí Maestro de Ron (Master Blender) for the past 35 years. The goal was to develop a product that would delight the palate of the most demanding critics. For that, Gomez, who has carefully studied and mastered Bacardí founder Don Facundo’s art of rum-making, experimented with an additional phase in the aging process that helped the flavor transition from a woody finish to a more defined profile.

Casa Bacardí Special Reserve hand-bottled rum was officially available on August 3. The bottles will be available to visitors for US$150.00 each.

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