VML creates Australia’s largest BlippAR campaign for Jameson Irish Whiskey

Digital agency VML Sydney has launched Australia’s biggest BlippAR activation as part of their campaign for the launch of the new Jameson Irish Whiskey premixes – Jameson & Cloudy Apple and Jameson & Raw Cola.

The campaign centerpiece – an augmented reality BlippAR game called ‘Apple Attack’ – has been specifically designed to bring to life an extensive outdoor media buy.

The game can be activated on Apple and Android devices from any of the Jameson outdoor advertising, the 4-pack bottles and even from images of the bottle shared through social media.

This means when fans share content from the campaign’s Facebook page, their friends have the opportunity to play the game no matter where they are in the world.

Jameson Marketing Manager, Jessica Norris, says her team is excited to be trying something so innovative and different for the brand.

“We’re really pleased to have this kind of forward-thinking going into our product launches.

“VML have done an incredible job in coming up with a truly engaging campaign that gets the absolute most out of all our media and extends its reach beyond what we thought was possible.”

In addition to the BlippAR activation, the campaign, dubbed ‘The Best Mix Since’, features a huge range of digital media activations including rich media banners, a Facebook app, and gift card giveaways, which complement and build on Jameson’s existing print campaign.

The digital campaign sees the Jameson brand and customers alike creating witty and interesting mixes that can be shared dynamically across each of the digital touch points, along with a huge sampling effort to get the new product into customers’ hands.

VML Managing Director Aden Hepburn says working on the campaign is a great opportunity for everyone involved.

“Jameson had already committed to a huge outdoor media buy for this launch, so we needed to find a way to maximize that buy, while literally bringing the outdoor to life.

“We love bringing new tech to market, so we’ve created an innovative, integrated campaign that really showcases the best mix since positioning and lets people have a whole lot of fun with the work.”

VML signed on to handle the Jameson account in August after a competitive multi-agency pitch, and this kind of innovative digital work is a new step for the Jameson brand.

The signing is the latest in a series of big wins for VML since opening in Sydney earlier this year, on the back of wins with Revlon and Emirates.

VML have also since picked up LG, Dell, News Limited and the NSW Government, amongst others, as well as winning at several global award shows including the One Show, Spikes Asia and the IAB MiXX Awards.

BlippAR Video Case Study:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt0nNCm8slE&feature=youtu.be

Download Video Case Study here: https://vml.sharefile.com/d/s37fb44ed07243dfb

Jameson Facebook Campaign: http://www.facebook.com/jamesonwhiskeyaustralia/app_275191032598950?ref=ts

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