Waitrose Launches New Pet Food Brand As It Chases £1.6bn Industry

millstream_farm_mill_house_groupWaitrose has introduced a new cat and dog food range with the brand and visual identity designed by Equator.

The retailer wanted to snag a portion of the £1.6bn pet food market and tasked Equator with creating the strategy, brand name, visual identity and packaging for the ‘Mill Stream Farm’ range which launches UK-wide this month.

The agency used natural queues such as farm buildings, rural settings and friendly pets in an illustrative style to reinforce brand benefits of nutritious and healthy dried food made from natural ingredients from Norfolk.

Creative director Howard Wright said: “We wanted to give Mill Stream Farm a strong presence on shelf and to stand out as a quality natural pet food range so we’ve aimed to convey ideas of trust, care and ethical sourcing as well as nutrition and great taste from a mix of ingredients including chicken, salmon, vegetables and herbs.”

With nine products available initially, cat and dog foods have been designed to be easily distinguishable with products designed for younger and older pets in various sizes.

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