Warburtons & BHF Enjoy a ‘Red Breakfast’ in Quirky Stop-motion Short

Warburtons has recently partnered with the British Heart Foundation to help share informaton on health & nutrition.

This week saw the lauch of ‘Red Breakfast’, a stop motion spot which is part of a wider social media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating in maintaining a healthy heart.

10253819_776280409126676_8184652199962240110_nGrand Central’s George Castle created the sound design for the spot: “From the moment I got the brief, I was hugely excited to start experimenting with the different sounds that would bring to life the stop-motion characters in the spot. It was clear from the beginning that the sound design would add to the ‘cartoony’, playful vibe. The sounds I created are cheerful and light-hearted, to work with the fast-changing visuals.”

“Getting the character voices right was key, but the fact that the spot is stop-motion style gave me quite a bit of freedom, as the audience isn’t expecting a soundscape that feels true to life. The project was a great deal of fun and it was an absolute pleasure working with WCRS. I’m very happy to have been involved,” added George.

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