Water in a Box Launches in UK First

water-in-a-box-cartons-staggere_660Water in a Box, which claims to be the UK’s first Tetra Pak carton-packaged water, has launched with designs by Designate.

The Water in a Box range is owned by Vivid Water Ltd, and comprises four variants – Spring water, Orange and Peach, dash of Strawberry and dash of Lemon and Lime.

Brighton-based consultancy Designate’s branding uses a blue and white colour palette for the main product, and a water drop icon, aiming to make the packs ‘instantly recognisable as a water product’.

Daniel Fagg, joint creative director at Designate, says, ‘A simple, unfussy design emphasised the purity and cleanliness of the product and the freshness of the taste.

water-in-a-box-carton_660‘The logo was created in Swiss Black giving a confident bold look for this new upstart brand.’

The packs are made from ‘renewable and responsibly sourced paperboard’, according to Water in a Box. It adds that the cartons are ‘lightweight’, ‘100 per cent recyclable’ and made from low carbon raw materials.

Vivid Water Ltd owner John Lee says, ‘Water in cartons might be unusual in the UK, but when we presented the concept to consumers they really engaged with it.

‘The paper board used to make our cartons is recyclable, naturally renewable, and sourced from responsibly managed forests.’

Water in a Box will initially be sold exclusively in Tesco, and it is hoped the brand will be rolled out to other stores from January 2014.

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